SIYA FITNESS gym is about 3000m2, devote itself to provide customized fitness planning for Nanjing citizens who has different needs. Different from the normal fitness center, siya fitness has a more diversification arrangement of fitness facilities and training courses. It is equipped with 10 main functional areas and they are constant temperature swimming pool, aerobic and resistance training area, customized personal training area, spinning area, wide dancing area, Bikram hot yoga area,water bar and relax area.
Every Nanjing citizen can experience and enjoy the international high quality fitness, to make a perfect body shape in a good mood. At the same time Siya fitness also apply itself to make it the first choice of postpartum repairing and personal trainer customize fitness in Nanjing.

Customize fiteness service, transmit healthy life style

Siya fitness center imported an international advanced body fat tester ,In order to help members to know their health situation better to make the most suitable fitness plan. At the first stage of the training, couch will make a professional fitness plan according to the member`s physical condition, and will help members with interestinig interactions in trainning tracing and regular tests to achieve their fitness aim.

Professional personal trainers are welcomed by many body building talents. Customized personal body building pan makes perfect body shape more closer.

Diversity membership activities, to meet with beautiful life

Siya fitess as a high level fitness brand of Siya Group, aim to gather fitness lovers and provide them an exclusive fitness place for them.

It can not only satisfy the members` fitness expectations but also can let them experience  multi fitness life style by hoding activities like music party, open up personal training, fitness food making sharing etc..